During my recent updates to Sylence, I happened to test it in the Android 4.0 emulator to verify that it continued to work properly. While it does appear to run, it ran into some interesting issues, most notably, that only one of the date/time pickers were present at any given time. Considering I was never particularly pleased with the appearance of the schedule entry system, I’m going to be redesigning Sylence to utilize the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) introduced fragments, and the compatibility library for 2.x to enable the application to continue to be usable on older devices.

I’m going to begin this work this weekend, right after I finish an essay for class and hopefully pick up a Galaxy Nexus. I’ll also be working towards implementing a few features I’ve wanted to add for a while, including a desktop widget, but as long as I’m making changes, are there any that you’d like to see?