I’m sorry to say that I’m pulling the plug on Gas Up, primarily due to lack of interest. At the moment, according to the Android Market Developer/Publisher Dashboard, I have about 280 installs of the application out there, but I only get the occasional price submission from any one. In addition, since I launched the application a year ago, a number of other apps with similar functionality have sprung up, all of which seem to be more popular than my little one. I thank those of you who gave it a try, but with my limited time and lack of interest, I don’t see any point in pushing on with Gas Up.

This project did teach me a lot, and I’ve managed to gather a lot of experience working on Gas Up, Sylence, and other unreleased projects. Hopefully the knowledge gained will aid me in a future project.

For those of you that still have the app installed and use it, the app will continue to function normally, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any updates. (Unless you really, really urge me to do so. 😉 )