Gas Up Beta 5: In Progress

Although no one has asked,  some of you may be wondering where beta 5 of Gas Up is. Well the simple answer is that I’m not done with the changes yet, but the more accurate answer is that I’ve been too busy to work on it since I announced that I was working on it.

As you may or may not know, I’m currently enrolled in college and trying to change my career path. While I was enrolled last year as well, I didn’t begin development on Gas Up until the middle of this year’s summer semester, which I took off. Add to that the fact that my former employer asked me to do some work right after that “back to work” post, then maybe you have a good idea of how busy I’ve been over the last few months.

I’ve also begun to question the lifespan of the app as well. Despite the fact that the developer’s site states that there are over 400 installations at the moment, price submissions have dropped off to almost nothing. Without price submissions, Gas Up is useless.  I can only blame myself for it, because of the length of time between updates but I’m wondering if there’s still any interest.

Well, I will commit to completing beta 5, but I’ll reevaluate the situation several months after that release.  Give me your feedback either way!

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